Introducing Kevin Emms – our Director of Operations and man of many talents

“Continuous improvement” is what Mod Beverage’s Director of Operations Kevin Emms is striving for when it comes to looking ahead in 2022 for the company. Kevin came on board recently to look after all aspects of operations and production at Mod Beverage, which includes making sure all of the departments of brewing, cellaring, packaging, quality maintenance and innovation are all working and moving together as a cohesive and successful unit. Together, he says, will maximize opportunities for the company.  

Kevin is no stranger when it comes to growing successful brewing companies and has been doing so for the last decade. Kevin found his love of beer through the influence of his dad, who loved to crack open a beer at the end of the day and proclaim just how good it was. 

Inspired and ready to learn more, Kevin did his Master’s in Brewing and Distilling in Scotland where he was able to hone his love of the world’s most enjoyed beverage. When Kevin returned to Canada, he was hired into a startup but within a few months became Head Brewer at a large brewery.  

A few years later Kevin was headhunted to over to Granville Island Brewing as a brew master, which was an exciting change to be a part of Canada’s oldest micro-brewery (and a part of Molson Coors). This 6-year journey meant a big education, insight and training in corporate brewing. It was here Kevin also met Mod Beverage’s Founder and President, Paul Mroczek, which would prove to be serendipitous as it would eventually lead Kevin to Mod Beverage that would lead to something different, with a new set of challenges.  

Kevin loves the industry for there are plenty of new and unique problems to solve and a chance to work with diverse and talented people. Outside of Mod Beverage, Kevin is a drummer in a local Vancouver metal band and when asked what his favourite Spectrum beer is, it was “Fuzzy Peach Sour!” without a beat. Things always end up just the way they should, and we’re glad to have Kevin with us here at Mod Beverage.