Parade Hard Seltzer Launches Double Pop Mix Pack

Remember those ice pops from when you were a kid? The ones you’d need to break in two and they’d melt all over your hands? Then you’d lie in the sun and let the flavour take you over completely? Yeah. Good times.

With that memory in mind, Parade Hard Seltzer launches its very first mix pack, the Double Pop Pack, aimed to take you back to that place so many of us can recall. By combining the brand’s two core flavours– Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade – with four new ones, Parade is offering balanced, flavourful hard seltzers alongside a dollop of nostalgia to get you through this summer.

New for this mix pack are Lime, Grape, Orange and (not at all controversially) Banana flavours, all of which are designed to emulate the classic ice pops without all the added sugar. Each flavour in the Double Pop Pack is sugar-free and 100 calories.

“We’ve seen enormous growth with hard seltzers and RTDs generally over the past year, but in our opinion, they were all missing that wow factor we like to see in new product launches,” says Paul Mroczek, President of MOD Beverage and Founder of Parade Hard Seltzer.

“The market seems ready for more advanced flavours in their hard seltzers – something that’s both familiar, but totally unexpected from a brand like this. I think the Double Pop Pack offers the kind of experience people are looking for this summer.”

Parade utilizes MOD’s Cold Fermented Sugar process, which a variation on the malt-flavoured beverages available in the US. We use a special Seltzer yeast and proprietary fermentation strategy to get a clean fermentation that all but removes the phenolics and esters and allows for a fresh flavour and smooth drinkability.  

Parade launched in Summer 2020 and is MOD Beverage’s first foray into low-calorie RTDs. The mix packs will be widely available throughout. British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

For more information, visit and on Instagram at @paradehardseltzer.

How we’re fighting climate change

What can the beverage alcohol industry do to curb climate change?

We ask ourselves this every day. How can we not? The good news is there’s a lot we can do. We can reduce our waste, for one, and we can begin giving renewables a go. We can raise awareness with our employees, clients and various stakeholders. All are important.

Where it begins, though, is with curbing our carbon emissions and becoming fully sustainable as soon as possible.

Earlier this year MOD Beverage partnered with Vancouver-based Offsetters to develop a plan to get us to zero emissions sometime in the next decade. Our operations and carbon emissions are still being analyzed, so we don’t yet have a realistic target set out. But we are committed to getting there and hope to be a leader in the Canadian beverage alcohol and a beacon for like-minded companies to do the same. By educating ourselves, our employees and our clients, we hope we can raise consciousness on this issue.

We’re excited to go through this process and know it’s the right thing for our business, for our community and for our planet. We were hoping to have the plan unveiled by today, but it’s always better to get it done right than done quickly.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming months as we unveil our plan.

Getaway Hard Cider Releases New Mix Pack

MOD Beverage’s cider brand, Getaway Hard Cider, is readying the release of its first mix pack. Alongside its core Zero Sugar Apple, the mixer will include Zero Sugar Pear and Zero Sugar Pineapple.

We’ve based each of these new recipes off the Apple recipe, adding fresh pear and pineapple juice, respectively. In the case of Pear, the cider is deliciously mellow and lightly sweet, making for a highly drinkable addition to the Getaway family. With Pineapple, we’ve gone for a more tropical take on the classic cider flavour – one that’s smooth, clean and refreshing as it sounds.

Getaway Hard Cider was released in 2020 and was designed to reinvigorate the cider market with a product line that is approachable and flavourful, without utilizing added sugar for the sweetness. Every batch is naturally fermented down to eliminate all residual sugar, so it’s dry and refreshing with just the faintest hint of sweetness. And of course, zero-sugar.

In addition to the release of the mix pack, Zero Sugar Apple has been listed by the BC Liquor Stores and is available at locations all across British Columbia. The mix packs will be launching across Western Canada at private retailers and listed at MBLL/Liquor Mart, Calgary Coop and the SLGA.

For more information, or to find a store near you that carries Getaway, visit and follow us at @getawaycider.

Spectrum Beer Co. launches ‘Choose Our Next Beer Flavour’ Contest

Is there a wild or whacky beer flavour you’ve been dying to try? Or have you been hoping Spectrum Beer Co. would finally settle down and make a normal beer for once?

Well, now you can have your say! Spectrum has launched the “Choose the Next Spectrum Beer Flavour!” contest, where people can submit their ideas – however creative or traditional they might be – for a chance to win up to $3,500 in travel vouchers for a trip anywhere in Canada.

The contest is simple: submit beer flavour ideas through Instagram between now and April 20. On April 26, three finalists will be unveiled, where Instagram users can vote on which one they’d like us to make. The winner will be announced May 10, and the final beer will be released in October.

Go here for full contest details and to enter (and make sure to follow @spectrumbeer, while you’re at it).

MOD Beverage to Launch Rail Brand Spirits

Next month, MOD Beverage will launch its new lineup of spirits, Rail Brand.

Launching with Rail Brand Vodka and Rail Brand Gin, the lineup focuses on the simple side of spirits – no fuss, no fancy flavours, just basic gin and vodka that’s perfect for mixing drinks at home or at a bar.

We’d noticed a gap in the market for a no frills, low-key and affordable alternative to the major players in the spirits category. Initially devised to support professional bartenders (hence the “rail” in our name, referring to the rail behind the bar where liquor is kept), we quickly realized the bartenders at home could use something similar.  So, we designed Rail Brand Spirits Co to give both professional and amateur bartenders a quality, low-cost option for their go-to – or “on the rail” – spirit.   

Each batch is manufactured locally in MOD’s Vancouver facility. In keeping with the back-to-basics approach of the concept, the vodka tastes just as you’d expect – like vodka! Same goes for the gin, which utilizes just the right amount of herbal ingredients without overwhelming the sense. Less is definitely more when it comes to this line of spirits.

Tying everything together is minimalist packaging designed to turn heads and give it to you straight. Just like your vodka or gin, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Rail Brand is one of two new MOD Beverage brands launching this spring, alongside Company Cocktails. Expect Rail Brand Vodka and Rail Brand Gin at a liquor store near you this Spring! For more information, visit or check out @railbrandspirits.

MOD Announces New Brand, Company Cocktails

Next month, MOD Beverage will launch its newest brand, Company Cocktails, a line of original canned cocktails created by some of the world’s most distinguished bartenders.

Each new release will be designed by a different bartender, with new recipes slated for release every season. The idea is to offer a craft cocktail you’d find at a downtown bar, but accessible enough for people to take with them back home, to a park or to a party (if those ever happen again).

We’re kicking it all off Lucky You, a collaboration with Trevor Kallies, who’s considered one of the godfathers of modern Canadian cocktail culture. He’s the longtime president of the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA), and the longtime Bar and Beverage Director for the Donnelly Group, making him the perfect bartender to launch Company Cocktails with.

“I was excited about the idea,” Trevor says. “I’ve never had the opportunity to put something of my own creation on store shelves. This can hit such a larger and broader audience. It’s not just one bartender serving one cocktail to one guest. It’s an opportunity to put something delicious and amazing into a can that anyone can enjoy.”

Lucky You is a gin-based cocktail with turmeric, lemon and ginger. The recipe was specifically crafted around turmeric, which gives the cocktail its bright, almost neon yellow colour.

“The whole idea of the cocktail combination came from the idea of a juicer, which usually offer some kind of immune juice shots,” Trevor says, “These are based on some combination of high-level citrus, ginger and turmeric for the health and wellness.

“I thought this could be fun and a little bit cheeky to put it in an alcoholic beverage.”

Trevor Kallies posing with a glass of Lucky You.

Company Cocktails is also a collaboration between MOD and Super Collider, a creative agency founded by Damon Holowchak and Steve Cousins, who have designed all packaging and marketing efforts behind the brand and its upcoming releases.

Damon and Trevor are also old friends, having worked together at Donnelly for over a decade. In developing Company Cocktails, Damon says he saw an opportunity to make craft cocktails accessible to anybody, not just people living in downtown centres or highly urbanized areas.

“Canned cocktails are nothing new, but generally what you can get are more traditional cocktails, like an Old Fashioned or a Negroni. There aren’t many premium, original cocktails on the market,” Damon says.

“We also understand the bartending community enough to know there are extremely talented people out there who have great ideas that would work in this format. We wanted to open this up to the variety of amazing talents out there.”

Partial proceeds of Lucky You sales will go to support the CPBA Relief Fund, which was set up to assist bartenders financially during COVID-19. Cocktail Culture also has two more releases planned for 2021, partnering with two of the most celebrated bartenders in Canada.

Company Cocktails is the first in MOD’s Cocktail Culture lineup of canned cocktails and RTDs.  For more information about Company Cocktails, visit the website and follow @companycocktails on Instagram.