Spectrum Beer Co. Launches New Margarita-Themed Mixpack

When a character in pop culture resonates with the public in a big way, they’re often pulled out for a spinoff. It’s happened with Han and Chewie, with Wanda and Vision, with Saul Goodman and, yes, Joey Tribianni.

Now it’s happening with Margarita Gose. That’s right! Spectrum Beer’s Margarita Gose has been pulled from the top-selling Sour Pack to star in its very own mix pack

Today, we introduce the Margarita Machine Gose Mix Pack, including three brand-new and exclusive margarita-inspired beers: Watermelon Margarita Gose, Strawberry Margarita Gose and Blue Raspberry Margarita Gose. (Before we go any further, yes, blue raspberry is a flavour and that flavour is best described as “blue”…).

Rather than utilize the standard 12-pack carton everyone else uses, we’ve done something a little different, offering a more elongated carton that, when placed upright, mimics the look of those actual margarita slushy machines you see in restaurants and resorts all over the world.

Indeed, the experience we’re hoping to achieve with this new mixer is to offer a mini vacation away from home while stuck at home, back to that wonderful beach resort from however long ago. Remember that? So fun.

Each of these new recipes are based on the original Margarita Gose, which we launched in 2018 and has been a top-seller for Spectrum ever since, in both its six-pack format and as part of the Sour Pack mixer.

Speaking of the Sour Pack, if you’re asking, “If Margarita Gose is leaving the Sour Pack, what does this mean for the Sour Pack?”, then you are indeed a keen observer and probably a superfan. Good for you. We’ll have an announcement about that coming soon.

The Margarita Machine Mix Pack will be widely available throughout Western Canada beginning this week. To find out more, visit our website spectrumbeer.com and follow us on Instagram at @spectrumbeer.