Every day is Earth Day at MOD Beverage 

The world has come a long way over the years to help our environment thrive and while we still have a way to go, we believe if each of us contributes in some way that as a whole we can do great things! Earth Day is on April 22 and while it is a great chance to remind ourselves of our impact and how we can improve, we’re excited to share how we’ve been mindful about our environmental impact every day.  

At MOD Beverage, we have had the environment in mind from the get-go and have been working with Ostrom Climate to ensure we remain on track and accountable in our pursuit of a better and cleaner environment for everyone. Working with Ostrom Climate means a focus on a variety of environmental impacts such as natural gas consumption, mobile fuel consumption, electricity consumption, shipping, CO2, consumables, employee commute, waste, water, paper, business travel and home-working.  

Earth Day Mod Beverage, Sustainability

It is important for us to look at all of these impacts and see where we can improve in our business to ensure we’re doing our part to contribute to a better and more environmentally-friendly world. As such, we’d love to share just a few things we’ve achieved (so far!) since 2020: 

  • Started using local hop supplier for almost all of our hops (Myrtle Meadows – Pemberton, BC) so we are not shipping from the US or Europe 
  • Started using a local malt supplier (Gambrinus Malting – Armstrong, BC) versus other brands coming from Europe, other parts of Canada and the US. 
  • Converted the brewery to 100% plant based (no lactose, gelatin or other animal products commonly used in beer). 
  • Cleaning procedure efficiencies – using less water and caustic solution to clean tanks.  
  • Switching to paper cartons for 6 packs as of May 1, versus plastic rings or plastic retainers for 6 packs. 
  • Stopped using plastic shrink wrap, using a new tray with rip away top, 100% paper/cardboard. 
  • Switched to using local sales agencies versus internal (single brand) reps, which equals less time on the roads and more collaboration between beer brands (ie one rep selling multiple brands) 

Now here’s how you can help us when you purchase any of the MOD Beverage brands: 

  • Ensure you read the label and follow your local areas recycling or deposit return program 
  • Bring a reusable tote with you when you’re purchasing our products 
  • Add Spectrum Beer to your next Meatless Monday night (since it’s plant-based!) 

We hope this has inspired you this Earth Day to see where, and how, you can make a difference to continue to improve our environment just as we aim to do each and every day.